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Water sport

There are many initiatives to do water sports in Las Hurdes. Some risk sports such as descent of rough waters are interesting in certain seasons when there are a lot of carrying much water rivers.

In Riomalo de Abajo at present, there is a kind of water sport related to navigation on canoes.

The make good use of the marsh's end, because it is rather large there. Apart from this, we can also mention the natural swimming pools as another place for water sports. There the travellers can refresh themselves when it is too hot.

There are natural swimming-pools in the following villages and farmhouses: Caminomorisco, Pinofranqueado, Casar de Palomero, Azabal, Rivera Oveja, Sauceda, El Robledo, Castillo, Horcajo, Aldehuela, Erias, Cambrón, Vegas de Coria, Rubiaco, Asegur, Fragosa and Aceitunilla .


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