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General information

Population: 324


It is located in the North of "Extremadura", and within the region "Las Hurdes", between 40°17´ latitude north and7°22´ latitude west and 47 m. above the sea-level.


The access is possible from two directions: we can take the Ex-204 and the deviation at "Caminomorisco" with direction to "Casar de Palomero" (Ex-269) or at "Pinofranqueado" the CCV-110 to "Azabal".

Another option would be to come from "Plasencia" to "Casar de Palomero" and just go a little further down. Last but not least you could come from "Plasencia", and go via "La Pesga" (CCV-64) in direction " Casar de Palomero".


The village has to be a very old one since there appeared important prehistoric engravings and places where gold was exploited.

The occurrence of the name "Azabal" everywhere in "Las Hurdes" is an interesting hint for the old age of the place. The name has its roots in a pre roman language spoken in the area before the Roman invasion.

We have a document dating from as far back as the 11th century, in which the habitants and the flocks of sheep in "Azabal" are mentioned.

What to visit


We recommend that the visitor takes a walk around the old part of the village, where he can appreciate well-conserved and typical constructions of the zone along narrow streets and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere the centuries couldn't change.

Free time

For further information about activities visit the house of culture in "Casar de Palomero".

Where to eat & sleep

The visitor may have some drinks in the village's pubs.

Artesian works

There are no more artisan workers in the village at present. Produced artisans are for consumption of the local inhabitants only.

Practical advices

What to buy

  • Typical sweets: "perrunillas", "floretas", "floretas", "huesillos", "mantecados", honey
  • Wine of the region
  • Castanets and baskets


Bath zone

The visitor can have a bath in the river "Rio de los Angeles", which crosses the village.

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