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General information

Population: 946 personas


It is located in the North of "Extremadura" and the province of "Caceres" and in the region" Las Hurdes", between 40°18´ latitude north and 6°19´ latitude west and 491 m. above the sea-level.


The access is quite easy by the road Ex- 204, coming from "Salamanca" as well as from "Coria". The road crosses the village.


Until the beginning of 20th century there was no town in the region of "Las Hurdes" with the name "Caminomorisco".

There was only a council with such a name consisting of the towns: La Aceña, La Dehesilla, La Huerta, Cambrón, Cambroncino, Arrolobos, Arrofranco, Riomalo de Abajo, Casas de Jelechoso, Arrocartintero, Arrocerezo and Las Calabazas.

The last one of them is nowadays known as Caminomorisco, and the previous three ones are depopulated, although some of them are constantly quoted in different documents of the 16th century. It is possible that they were not stable nucleus even with very few population, because some of them are not quoted in the documents of the different towns belonging to "Caminomorisco".

The old town called "Las Calabazas" - nowadays CAMINOMORISCO - shows along its wide territory a lot of rest from the prehistorical time, mainly from the "Calcolitico" (Age of Tracing) and from the Age of Bronze. In the territories of: Candelario, La Jareta, Madroñal, Romanzano, Escugoso... one can find a lot of objects made on stone: tips of arrows, axes, weights, grinders, sickles… Some fragments of ceramic as well as some funerary tombs can be found. Even some floors of old prehistoric huts can be seen. Inside the limits of the council also some figures of old idols have been found: Arrocerezo, Vamesto, Cugoso, Los Tesitos, La Coronita... The Romans have also left some remains in different places in the council, for example: El Alcornocal, La Cebaílla, Valle Clara, Los Tesoros, El Minuero...

In the past about the 13th century, the place nowadays known as "Las Calabazas" was called "Dehesa de Jurde", because it was dependant from the council of "La Alberca" (this territory is included nowadays in the province of Salamanca), after being donated to it by the Infant D. Pedro, prince of Granada " today Granadilla". "La Alberca" established very strict norms for the population of "Las Hurdes", following that these reveal in several occasions without success until the 19th century, when they got the independence from "La Alberca".

What to visit


The "House of Culture" is a modern building following the typical architecture of the region, using the same materials, the same forms and colours as the old ones in town. The surroundings of the village offer a good opportunity to enjoy of the nature and flora of the region.

Free time

The visitor can get some information about the activities done in the village going to the "House of Culture" in "Caminomorisco".

Where to eat & sleep

Hotel Rural "Cristania" (Caminomorisco)

Hostal Restaurante "El Abuelo" (Caminomorisco)

Restaurante "El Rincón Hurdano" (Caminomorisco)

Artesian works

There is some artisan work in the village, mainly on wood and stone.

The main works are small stone-houses, which can be bought at different places all over the village.

Practical advices

What to buy

  • Typical sweets: "perrunillas", "floretas", "floretas", "huesillos", "mantecados", honey
  • Wine of the region
  • Stone-houses
  • Boundaries


Bath zone

The visitor can take a bath in the natural swimming pool next to the bridge.


  • I.E.S. "Gregorio Marañon" (Caminomorisco)
  • Guardería "Los Pitufos" (Caminomorisco)
  • C.P.C. "Los Ángeles" (Caminomorisco)
  • Education for adults at Caminomorisco
  • Pharmacy "Flor Martín" (Caminomorisco)
  • Houses of culture(Caminomorisco)
  • Tourism office (Caminomorisco)
  • Centro de Desarrollo Rural (Caminomorisco)
  • Forestal centres (Caminomorisco)
  • Centre of civil guard (Caminomorisco)
  • Sports centres (Caminomorisco y Cambroncino)
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