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La Carbochá

This festivity is celebrated on All Saints´ Day on 1st November, being commonly known as "Magosto". The celebration consists of roasting chestnuts around a fire outdoors.

Inside the general context of "Magosto", there is the so called "chiquitía" which consists of a common collection of chestnuts in the forest by the boys and girls of the town, who afterwards are going to each house in town asking for something which can be used for the fire during the evening.

The union and fraternity in the community is an essential element, as can be proved from the common work being done by everybody in town in order to have a good festivity: seeking the chestnuts in the forest and also some pieces of wood for the fire and so on.

There is always someone caring about the maintenance of the fire and the roasting of the chestnuts, having also the task of distribute them. In the past the chestnuts were just threw directly into the flames, but nowadays people use old pans or tins with some holes in them. That makes it not only much easier but also improves the roast of he chestnuts, which must be previously split in the middle in order not to explode while the process of roasting. A duster will be placed on the top of the pans or tins to prevent that the chestnuts jump from the receptacles.

In this festivity the fire plays an important role since it represents the element around which the whole party happens: singing and dancing around the fire is very common. The people in town also believe that the heat coming form the fire also warms the holy souls being around.

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