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Typical house from Las Hurdes

From their origins, the settlements in Las Hurdes have had some peculiar characteristics derived from their emplacement on a complex fragmented relief with a confined fluvial system.

The main characteristic of this house is the use of slate. This material is basic for the covers, which creates a perfect symbiosis with the environment. Another important characteristic is the simplicity of the structure and the rooms.

They only use stone to build the walls. They do not need mortar to create to create compact walls. They got the materials from the own territory were the house was built.

Originally, the exterior structure was corresponding to a modest ground plan. This ground was a half-circle (to avoid humidity). It was not very high with scarce number of gaps. It was covered with big pieces of slate placed on a wooden structure. Inside, there were two parts: one of them was destined for the domestic use and the other one for the agricultural use. The settlements are found in mountains with great slopes and near the rivers.

With the passing of time, the buildings have developed by increasing the height and the number of inner rooms up to find the twentieth century house.

These are the settlements that nowadays conserve the typical houses in a better way: El Gasco, Fragosa, Martinlandran, Aceitunilla, Asegur, Riomalo de Arriba, Ladrillar, Avellanar y Ovejuela.


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Riomalo de Arriba Casa Cultura Caminomorisco Castillo Ovejuela
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