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Many years ago, Las Hurdes was an actual paradise of rich big and small game.

The boar hunting was the most abundant big game. Regarding small game, the most common hunting was that of rabbits, hares, partridge turtledoves, etc. Its development was due to the great amount of cereal sowing and groves.

Nowadays, the small game is scarce because the sowing is also scarce and these animals do not have food enough.

Las Hurdes has four local sports game preserves. They have more or less abundance of hunting species, but the most abundant one is the boar hunting, apart from a few deer. The autonomic government must allow the hunting and the results are too reasonable. As regards the small game, we have to take into account the wood pigeon and the thrush. The abundance of these species depends on the year and the weather.

Shortly, we hope to select and protect the small game in order to recuperate the ancient paradise in Las Hurdes. Thus, the hunters will enjoy this sport and the beautiful landscapes plenty of fauna and vegetation again.

Game Preserves:

  • Morisqueña (Caminomorisco)
  • Los Madroños (Pinofranqueado)
  • Riscogordo (Ladrillar)
  • Riomalo-Caza (Riomalo de Abajo)
  • Cruz Bendita (Casar de Palomero)
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