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It is placed, in the north of Extremadura, limiting with Salamanca, where the province of Cáceres, leaves his smooth plateau turning it up in high and wrinkled mountains, just there, we will find the marvellous Hurdes.

Hurdes are bathed by five rivers, that give name to the valleys, and they create a magnificent ecosystem of abundant vegetation, combinations pines, old centennial trees, brown and olive tress, which, during years, has been the motor of economy for their inhabitants, we also have other king of vegetation as brezo, Romero, rockrose and cantueso, that serve to obtain apicultural products of excellent quality as the honey and pollen.

These products, join to products which are given by the orchards, that are dressing the shores of the rivers, the small prairies that their flocks feed on goats, and the abundant hunting existing in the zone, it provides the necessary ingredients, to supply an original and exquisite gastronomy.

The accumulation of a mountainous scenery and the presence of this clear and clean water which is watering each corner, are the main factors to admire the spectacular meanders, that we can find in each hidden place of the Hurdes, we also must include to this, our eroded black slate, that is the result of years of a large and hard history.

Architecture, nature, gastronomy, orography, culture and tradition, are united as a unique organization of identification of our people.

Different and stimulating emotions that this paradise offers to everybody who try to discover las Hurdes, these sensations convert this land, in an ideal region where dreams can be achieved.


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