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Practical advice

After arriving in this region, we will feel that we are on a virgin natural land. Due to this fact, we must not leave any trace there (avoid waste and rubbish, be careful with fire risks, do not damage anything, etc.) Nature and we all will be very grateful for your kindness!!

Despite the fact that this region is delightful all year, it looks its best in spring and autumn because of the variety of colours and sounds in its valleys and mountains. In summer, it is because of the numerous pools we find on our way, where we can get cool; in winter, it will let us perfectly know the people from Las Hurdes by living their culture and tradition.

We can visit the small villages in Las Hurdes without feeling afraid of getting lost. We can find out their loveliest aspects here.

Although "to get lost" is advisable here, we must strictly follow the itinerary of the routes, paths and walking areas in order to avoid danger or a detour.

Undoubtedly, the best way of knowing and understanding the history and culture of Las Hurdes is by talking to the inhabitants, who own folk wisdom.

You should carry a camera and/or a video camera and a notepad to place the surprises you find on record.

The singular microclimate is neither excessively cold nor extremely hot. So, to wear warm clothes in winter and shorts ad a swimsuit in summer is advisable. You can enjoy the numerous pools where you can swim. In any season, you should be provided with a pair of trekking boots because of the irregular ground.

This zone is composed of many small villages. There are less than 500 inhabitants in the 90% of them. We can find out that these inhabitants are a reliable source of information. They sometimes create some improvised tourism offices, because they answer your questions so that you enjoy yourself.

You should go to the tourism office and to the documentary centre if you want to complete your visit, have some written and/or visual information and understand their idiosyncrasy. There, you can also get some information on cultural, sports or ethnographic facts. It is important to take into account that there are many places to observe the flora, fauna and even stars. At the same time, you can become a protagonist in a sound concert and an amalgam of colours.

Due to the fact that there are only two petrol stations in the region (in Caminomorisco and Pinofranqueado), you must not forget to fill the petrol tank of your car before starting the tour. Otherwise, you could suddenly realise that your car has run out of petrol on a road far from a petrol station.

If you go into the mountains far from the villages, you should either be provided with a map or be accompanied by someone who knows the area so as not to get lost.

"... every inhabitant from Las Hurdes wants people to come to these valleys naturally and with acuteness enough to understand what Las Hurdes is: an everlasting embrace between man and Nature." (Casto Iglesias Duarte)


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