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In a land where has existed, and we can perceive it enough, “… a permanent hug between the man and the nature”, a territory where men has tried all their life, to get used to this poor and not easy earth, and at the same time, men has made of this land an improved place, taking account that each insignificant rock has served as a base to create all our rich and varied culture, like architecture, gastronomy, traditions, history etc.

This history has been created, by recognized people as King Alfonso XIII, between others, who came in 1922 when there were not even roads for cavalry or cars, for this reason he had to hike from village to village, just for see our people.

Places, where the time was stopped by the small hands of the clock, consequently, the traditions have going coexisting with Present, in a careful and brotherly cultural legacy that has been inherited from parents to children, their cultural track is shaped in ancestral parties like the hurdano carnival, or the Enramá.

A legacy written with the glances of his own people, a history narrated with the hard work made in his lives, a permanent effort to maintain present the sense to love an earth and not to forget it by the difficulties that this one offered to them, a present, an identity, for knowing who the people from the Hurdes are, and do not ever forget who are them.


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