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La Enramá

(Festivity of touristic interest)

Due to the historical memory of the population of "Las Hurdes" the festivity of "La Enramá" might date back 130 years ago, being somehow related with cults of a regenerational character.

That responds to a socio-centric and endogamic society where relationships with people coming from another town or tribe were not considered to be a proper alternative.

The festivity takes place during the summer time, around 24th August, coinciding with the celebration of Saint Bartolomé`s Day or San Bertol´s day.
Its consists of coupling young boys and girls temporally in order to facilitate a posterior engagement.

The celebration begins the day before with the traditional drawing of the boys and girls, while the latter have to stay at home ( they are not allowed to assist to the drawing). Two bags with the names of the participants separating boys and girls are prepared before. From the main tower of the city the "Cantaoles" ( an innocent hand) takes the pieces of papers with the names on them and precedes bringing them into pairs. The couples will become public later on. These new pairs are considered by the people in town in all the aspects to be engaged pairs.

From that time the preparation begins, including the confection of bunches of by the girls. These beautiful bunches are made with rushes and wild flowers entwined and tied with a white silk noos.

On Saint Bartol´s day the round begins. The boys walk well dressed through the streets playing the tambourines in search of the girl assigned to them by fortune. At the door of the house of the girl the boy gets the bunch placed at the lapel way in which the tradition is completed. The pairs continue picking up the resting pairs and all of them are later on received at the Main Market in the town with many applause and acclaims.

Once all the pairs are together, the dance called "Jota del Arco" begins. It consists of an arc built with the arms of the pairs, through which all the pairs, one after another, have to pass until they have surrounded the building of the church once. After that a street party begins, being initiated by the pairs with a traditional dance. The boy invites the girl then to a sangria ( sweetened drink of red wine with fruits). In that moment it will be decided if the pair wants to continue with the relation or not.

In that way this traditional and well known festivity in the region ends. It is to be pointed out that after this festivity many pairs have got married. At present there are about three families in the town of "Pinofranqueado" which were formed in that way.

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