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Among mountains, valleys, slopes, forests and popular architecture, Las Hurdes is an ideal place to do the so-called photographic hunting. In these lands, we can find fantastic places to take wonderful photographs of landscapes among sharp mountains and green prairies. We can also take photographs of farmhouses that are kept undamaged with the passing of years.

It is advisable to take some snapshots of the landscapes from every viewpoint the same as of the water jets and waterfalls. If you follow the signpost routes, you will also find numerous photographic points where to take some fantastic postcards.

Dealing with the most advisable type of camera, you should use a reflex one with zoom and slow or fast films depending on the issue of the photograph. You not only can take colour photographs because of the great chromatic variety of the landscape, but you can also take black and white ones to make the best use of the traditional architecture and the dramatic expressions of the region.

Undoubtedly, this region will be the delight of many new photographers, because the rich landscapes will give them many good photographs. They will be able to make the best use of dusk, hidden places and people whose faces show hard daily work and the tranquillity of living in Las Hurdes.


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