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The mycological variety is amazing.

We can find a wide range of mushrooms in the shade of pinewoods, holm oak woods, cherry orchards and other abundant types of broves. The great majority of these species can be found during all the seasons. Some species, such as the Boletus Aereus and the Pleurotus Ostreatus appear in autumn and winter. In spring, for example, we find the Boletus Pinícola and the Morcheva Esculeta.

They grow in many different places, but they mainly grow in pinewoods, holm oak woods, conifers, cork-tree woods, prairies and mountain ranges. That is to say, we can find any type of mushroom in almost every place of Las Hurdes. This is because of the microclimate and the great amount of water that can be found in the region.

Nevertheless, we advise the travellers not to pick mushrooms if the do not distinguish them. This is because there are some dangerous poisonous types.

Recomendamos, no obstante, al viajero que tan solo los conocedores de los distintos tipos de setas sean los que dediquen a su recolección. Puesto que también existen algunos tipos de setas no aptas para el consumo humano muy peligrosas.

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