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There are a network of them distributed in all the region, giving emphasise on the most attractive places, where the nice landscapes of "Las Hurdes" can be admired.

From some of these viewpoints we can see the valleys and the throat graved by erosion on the rocks, or the big mountain rages, where we can admire the sky and the Earth coming together.

Two of them are to point out because of their great beauty; "Riomalo de Abajo" (Caminomorisco) and "Martilandrán". There we can observe two river-loops considered as unique on the Earth.

The following list shows the name of all of these viewpoints and their situation:

  • La Antigua (Riomalo de Abajo-Caminomorisco)
  • La Alavea (Caminomorisco)
  • Chorro de los Ángeles (Ovejuela)
  • Del Gasco (El Gasco)
  • Del Cerezal (Cerezal)
  • Las Carrascas (Casar de Hurdes-Ladillar)
  • Puerto del Gamo (Casar de Palomero)
  • Orégano (Cambroncino-Caminomorisco)
  • Martilandrán (Martilandrán)
  • Erías-Aldehuela
  • Portilla de la Huerta (Caminomorisco)

We animate the travellers to visit all of the viewpoints and assure them, that they will contemplate unique places and feel part of the nature surrounding them.


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