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General information

Population: 265


It is located in the North of "Extremadura" , in the province of "Caceres" in the region called" Las Hurdes", and between 40°24´latitude north and 6°24´longitude west and 478 m. above the see-level.


The access is quite easy by the road Ex-204 in both directions, coming from "Coria" or "Salamanca". Then take the road going to Nuñomoral, once you have passed "Vegas de Coria".


We think that the name is a compound of "Nuño" (name of a person) and moral, coming from the Latin "moralis" and a derivation of "mos-moris" what means "wish, caprice" or "habit, custom, way of living". But it can also go in a different direction with the meaning "permanent", what will get to the composed meaning of "place where Nuño lives".

It also means "Arab" what could also be logic, since there were Arabs living in these territories after the second repopulation wave from Alfonso XI.

The year of the foundation of the town is unknown, but some all the towns near "Nuñomoral" appear in the oldest documents talking about the region. "Nuñomoral" is the capital of the region named with the same name and which includes 10 Farmhouses as well as "Ladrillar" and "Casares de Hurdes".

What to visit


The city hall and the church are the most interesting places in town, because they still show the traditional architecture of the region.

The surrounding are also very nice, where the visitor can enjoy of the nature.

Free time

Wander and activities related with the observation of nature, as well as sports.

Where to eat & sleep

Hostal Restaurante "El Hurdano"

Artesian works

We can find in this town people who make artisan work yet. Most of them using wood, stone and sheet metal.

Practical advices

What to buy

  • Typical sweets: "perrunillas", "floretas", "floretas", "huesillos", "mantecados", honey
  • Wine of the region
  • Houses of stone
  • Osier-baskets
  • Embroidery


Bath zone

To take a bath, go to the natural swimming pools or to the river.


  • C.P. "Francisco Segur Panadero" (Vegas de Coria)
  • C.P. "Valdelazor" (Nuñomoral)
  • Centro of civil guard (Nuñomoral)
  • Centro infantil "Pinocho" (Aceitunilla)
  • Centro infantil "Bambi" (Fragosa)
  • Health centre (Nuñomoral)
  • Court (Nuñomoral)
  • Cottolengo del "Padre Alegre" (Fragosa)
  • Centro de Atención Disminuidos
  • "Mensajeros de la Paz" (Nuñomoral)
  • Base social service(Nuñomoral)
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