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Other Buildings

Sheepfold. It was a hut limited by a fence where all the inhabitants' herds were kept at night. The hut was a refuge for the shepherds. Thus, they avoided the predators' attacks and the stealing of the herd. It was located far from the urban settlements.

Shack.It is a construction with a round ground plant made of stone and slate. The shepherds used this kind of building not only as a dwelling but also as a store. They are found on the mountain slopes or near the cattle tracks.

Yard.It is an open air space surrounded by thick round walls made of stone and slate. This construction was used to keep the beehives and protect them from the animals' attacks.

Pen.It is a small piece of land surrounded by a fence. It was made of slate. It had a square ground plant without coverage. It was used to keep the olive in the harvest seasons.

Cottages.Small rooms in the county use to keep the tools and to sleep in.

Threshing Floor.It was used to keep the grain. It consisted of an open space with a slate floor linked by mud creating a circle, where the grain was threshed.

There were many other constructions such as fences, paths, dams, and winepress.


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