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The most important ones can be organised in two groups: the viewpoints and the landscapes related with the rivers and their water springs. These are produced naturally during the course of the river or in little streams when the river after its birth finds any natural barriers. All of the follow landscapes are very beautiful.

The principal are:

  • Chorro de la Meacera (El Gasco)
  • Chorrituero de Ovejuela
  • Chorro de los Ángeles
  • Chorreón del Tajo
  • Chorrera de Arrobatuequilla
  • Garganta de Aceitunilla
  • Garganta de Cambrón
  • Garganta de Horcajada
  • Cascada del Ceño
  • Chorrera de la Buitrera (Sauceda)
  • Chorrera de los Sereais (Sauceda)
  • Garganta del Moral (Sauceda)
  • Chorrera de los Correlones (Erías)

With regard to the best time to visit them, we can say that all of them can appear to us very attractive all over the year. Of course they are more beautiful during the spring and summer, when the quantity of water is higher. In addition, the vegetation during this time is also more spectacular.


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