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General information

Population: 998 personas


It is located in the North of "Extremadura" and on the South - West of the region" Las Hurdes", between 40°18´latitude north and 6°28´latitude west and 440 m. above the sea-level.


The access is quite easy by the road Ex- 204 in both directions, coming from "Coria" as well from "Salamanca". The road goes through the town.


It cannot be said with scientific exactness when the first core was founded.

There exists a document from 1199 confirming the donation of the castle of Palomero to the order of Santiago from King Alfonso IX, in which the name Ovejuela (Ovegiola) is cited.

Not until 1527 do we have another document naming different villages. It is a correction of the Eufiteutica census, elaborated from the administration of Grandilla for the neighbours at the Dehesa de lo Franqueado, where places like Obejuela, Sauceda, Muela, Horcajo, Robledo and Aldehuela, Avellanar, Mesegal and the Herias are named in 1534. It is in the first half of the 18th Century when some documents talking about the population of the municipality appear. They talk about the relationship between the towns and councils.

For many many years the territory of "Franqueado" in the low-level of "Las Hurdes" was considered as a waste land belonging to the council of "Granadilla", being rented to the foresters in the region, mainly to the neighbours of "Robledillo" for a certain amount of money which at the end came in many cases to the church.

The towns in the region are all distributed along the curs of the rivers and the very first origins were settlements of shepherds.

What to visit


The most important place to be visited is the Church "Nuestra Senora de la Encina" with an architecture dated on the 17th and 18th Centuries.

The visitor can also have a walk through the municipality Pinofranqueado and enjoy the richness in flora and fauna.

We recommend to visit also the Centre of Documentation in town, where the visitor can get further information about the history of the village.

Free time

During the last days of the month August the population of Pinofranqueado celebrate a festival which is considered of regional touristical interest.

For further information about the concrete activities visit the Centre of Documentation.

Where to eat & sleep

Hotel Restaurante El Puente

Hostal Restaurante Los Ángeles

Restaurante XACO

Artesian works

We can find many artisans who develop their activities in their houses as well as in the municipal class-rooms for artisan works.

The visitor can in case of interest visit these class- rooms and look who the artisans work in osier, wood and stone.

Practical advices

What to buy

  • Typical sweets: "perrunillas", "floretas", "floretas", "huesillos", "mantecados", honey
  • Wine of the region
  • Stone-houses and embroideries


Bath zone

There are beautiful bath zones


  • School "Luis Chamizo" (Pinofranqueado)
  • Health care centre Pinofranqueado (Pinofranqueado)
  • New centre of knowledge (Pinofranqueado)
  • Centre of Documentation (Pinofranqueado)
  • Educación for adults (Pinofranqueado)
  • House of compassion (Pinofranqueado)
  • Base social service (Pinofranqueado)
  • Guardería "El chiribeje" (Pinofranqueado)
  • OMIC
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