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The Bridges

As we can observe, Las Hurdes is an abrupt uneven territory full of rivers and brooks with abundant water. Because of this, the building of bridges has always been common and more and more abundant with the passing of the years and the development of the different means of transport.

The oldest bridges were built some centuries ago, but the great majority have been changed instead of some new ones. The have lost their old structure.

The greatest part of old bridges that are still conserved were built during the visit of Alfonso XIII in 1922 thanks to Las Hurdes Hope Society (founded in 1903).

The main materials used to build them were obviously slate stone and adobe. They did them very skilfully as a symbol of the work well done. All the stones are linked creating a whole that lasts through the years.

The most outstanding bridges are: the bridge of Pinofranqueado, built across the river Esperaban; the bridge of Casar de Palomero, situated over the river Los Angeles and the three river of Las Mestas, over the rivers Batuecas and Ladrillar. Some other typical bridges are found in the farmsteads, which correspond to the architecture from Las Hurdes.


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