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Queso Artesano

Artisan cheese

Ingredients of the artisan cheese: goat milk and its curdle.

First strain the milk off and roll the natural curdle in a wet white kitchen cloth. The wet curdle must be melt with the fingers and mixed with the milk, which become at the end cheese. Once it is well mixed, cover it with a kitchen cloth and let it curdle, what normally takes between two and tree hours.

The "cinchos": Isabel uses "cinchos" ( recipient with a round form) made of wood of chestnut-tree, which she has inherited from her father to make the cheese, although others made of brass can also be used. The "chincho" is placed inside a big dish where we add the curdled milk, which is already quite strained, so that the dough takes the form of the cheese.

You continue pressing and taking out the liquid coming from the pressure. This operation should be continue being done until there is not more liquid coming out. That takes a lot of work, time and patience. Later add some salt on one side, turn the cheese and add again some on the other side. Isabel Martín shows us her artisan cheese.

"The chincho" gives the cheese its form. It should be as big as the quantity of milk we dispose of. Finally, she places a plan stone coming from the bank of a river, so that the fluid comes out as result of the pressure of it weight.

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