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Riomalo de Arriba

General information

Population: 25


It is located in the North of "Extremadura" and of the region" Las Hurdes" on the border to the province "Salamanca" between 40°27´ latitude north and 2°33´ latitude west and 670 m. above the sea-level.


The access is quite easy by the road Ex- 204 in two points.

Taking the deviation at "Vegas de Coria" direction "Nuñomoral" and "Casares de Hurdes" (Ex-368), before coming to "Ladrillar" or the deviation to the road Ex-366, before coming to "Riomalo de Abajo" direction "Ladrillar".


The population in "Riomalo de Arriba" used to be quite high, but during the last years has been decreasing considerably.

What to visit


We invite the visitor to walk through the old narrow streets of the town and see the traditional architecture of its buildings mixing stone and wood.

The visitor can also have a walk through the municipality and enjoy the richness in flora, fauna and beautiful landscapes.

Free time

For further information about the concrete activities visit the House of Culture.

Where to eat & sleep

The visitor can have some drinks in the different pubs in next town, Ladrillar.

Artesian works

There are no more artisan workers at the present.

The only artisan works done in town ( in wood and osier) are for the private use of the population in town.

Practical advices

What to buy

  • Typical sweets: "perrunillas", "floretas", "floretas", "huesillos", "mantecados", honey
  • Embroideries


Bath zone

Beautiful bath zone

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