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Sepultura de la Mora


The trajectory begins at "Casa Rubia", cross the bridge and continue walking on a path surrounded by cherry trees until you get to a track, cross it and leave the river with a fountain on your right, continue walking. Follow always the path on the left, you will see during this trajectory repopulations of oaks and pines. Continue walking until you arrive to a furrow of stone, cross it and then go through the dense vegetation of oaks. At the end of this oak wood you will find the "Sepultura de la Mora".

Length: 2 Kms

Modality: By foot

Estimated duration: 1 Hour and 30 Min

Recommended Season: All

Difficulty: Middle-High

State: Close vegetation

Type of tracks: Paths

Start and finish: "Casa Rubia"- "Sepultura de la Mora"


Hotels, restaurants, rural houses, Health Centre, civil guard station, Centre of documentation, tourist office, centre of rural development and filling station.

Important telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Nuñomoral (927433016)
  • Civil Guard Station in Nuñomoral (927432004)
  • Centre of Documentation (927674133)
  • Civil Guard Station in Caminomorisco (927435014)
  • Tourist Office in Caminomorisco (927435329)
  • Centre of rural development, Caminomorisco (927435301)


Typical vegetation with cultivations of cherry trees and orchards. Contemplation of the fauna (vulture and reptiles), the traditional architecture of the zone and of the engravings on the "Sepulcro de la Mora".


The neighbours of the town tell that there used to be Moorish in this place in old times and that the tomb end of our trajectory could be the sepulchre of a Moorish woman. There are also some engravings like a map of Sapin, the foot and hands of a kid.

Eat and sleep

  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "Montesol", Casares de Hurdes (927676193)
  • Guest House-Restaurant "Marisol", La Huertre, Casares de Hurdes (927676058)

Practical Advices

Water, food, appropriate shoes, cap, camera, binoculars, care and respect for the environment.


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