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Rey Alfonso XIII por Las Hurdes


Go out from "Casar de Palomero", direction "Pinofranqueado", following the road going parallel to the right side of the river "Los Angeles", and crossing the localities "Azabal" and "Pedro Muñoz". After passing the locality "Mesegal" you will arrive to "Caminomorisco". The next destination is "Vegas de Coria", you will arrive there after passing the locality "Cambroncino". Return to the locality "Vegas de Coria" and take at its entrance the path on the left. This path goes along the river "Hurano" and will take you to the locality "Rubiaco" and then "Nuñomoral". About 300 Metres from there you will find a deviation direction "El Gasco"(going along the river "Malvellido") and pass the localities "Cerezal", "Martilandrán" and "Fragosa". From "El Gasco" return to "Nuñomoral" and follow the same road as before to go to "Casares de Hurdes", passing before the locality "Asegur". "Casares de Hurdes" is also known by the name "The balcony of Las Hurdes" because of the marvellous views from the vi ewpoint in town. Take the road to "Ciudad Rodrigo" and before coming into the new province, take the deviation to "Ladrillar". Continue following this road until you arrive to "Riomalo de Arriba" and then "Ladrillar", going the valley down and following the river until you arrive to "Cabezo". Continue walking, always the valley down, direction "Las Mestas". This town is the end of the trajectory.

Length: 150 Kms

Modality: By Car

Estimated duration: Undefined (one whole day or more)/p>

Recommended Season: All

Difficulty: None

State: Passable

Type of tracks: Road

Start and finish: "Casar de Palomero"- "Las Mestas"


Hotels, restaurants, rural houses, Health Centres, civil guard station, Centre of documentation, tourist office, centre of rural development and filling stations.

Important telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Pinofranqueado (927674133-927674101)
  • Health Centre in Nuñomoral (9274333016)
  • Civil Guard Station in Caminomorisco (927436116)
  • Civil Guard Station in Nuñomoral (927433004)
  • Civil Guard Station in Casar de Palomero (927436036)
  • Centre of Documentation (927674133)
  • Civil Guard Station in Caminomorisco (927435014)
  • Tourist Office in Caminomorisco (927435329)
  • Centre of rural development, Caminomorisco (927435301)


You can find typical architecture all along the trajectory, for example in "Casar de Palomero". We advice you to visit there the "Casa (house) de Acadio Terrón", where the King Alfonso XIII stayed during one night. The room where he slept stay nowadays in the same state as when the king left it. Other interesting places to visit are the hermitage "Ermita de la Cruz Bendita", the church "El Espíritu Santo" and the old part of the town, where it is still possible to see some rest from the Arabic, Jewish and Christian cultures. In the town "Cambroncino" you can visit the church "Iglesia de Santa Catalina", also visited by the Kind Alfonso XIII, and one of the most important monuments of the community. The localities "La Horcajada" and "La Batuequilla" are also very nice to visit and with a natural and ethnographic charm.


The King Alfonso XIII made this trajectory to "Las Hurdes" from the 20th to the 24th June 1922. He ordered to build three factories along the trajectory:

  • Factory Alfonso XIII, in Mestas (nowadays hospital and third-age residence)
  • Factory "Jordán", in Nuñomoral
  • Factory "Los Angeles"

Eat and sleep

  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "Marian", Casar de Palomero (927436310)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "El Puente", Pinofranqueado (927674028)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "Los Angeles", Pinofranqueado (927674064)
  • Camping "Del Pino", Pinofranqueado (927674141)
  • Camping "Los Madroños", Pinofranqueado (689181385)
  • Youth Hostel "La Sauceda", Pinofranqueado (927674118)
  • Rural House "El Rincón de las Hurdes", Ovejuela, Pinofranqueado (927514061)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "El Abuelo", Caminomorisco (927435114)
  • Small Hotel "Cristina", Caminomorisco (927435338)
  • Restaurant "El Rincón Hurdano", Caminomorisco (927435155)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "Simón", Vegas de Coria, Nuñomoral (927434093)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "Avenida", Vegas de Coria, Nuñomoral (927434098)
  • Small Hotel- Restaurant "Los Angeles", Vegas de Coria, Nuñomoral (927434005)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "El Hurdano", Nuñomoral (927433012)
  • Small Hotel-Restaurant "Montesol", Casares de Hurdes (927676193)
  • Guest House "Marisol", La Huetre, Casares de Hurdes
  • Tourist Appartments "Las Cabañas de las Mestas", Las Mestas, Ladrillar (927434025)
  • Restaurant "Ruta de las Batuecas", Las Mestas, Ladrillar (927434025)

Practical Advices

Water, food, appropriate shoes, cap, camera, binoculars, care and respect for the environment.


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