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Verea de los aceituneros


On our way out of Riomalo de Abajo we take the way on the right side of the bridge. This will lead us alongside the river, passing a garbage deposit to the left. We stay on the main path, leaving several others to our right and left, which lead to the lakeside fishing areas. We cross some firebreaks and streams, and arrive at the olive-cultivations near to the village of Arroblos, where the route ends.

Length: 22 Kms

Modality: By car

Estimated duration: 1/2 hour

Recommended Season: All

Difficulty: None

State: Passable

Type of tracks: Forestry track, path and firebreak

Start and finish: Riomalo de Abajo - Arrolobos


Hotels, restaurants, rural houses, Health Centres, civil guard station, Centre of documentation, tourist office, centre of rural development and filling stations.

Important telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Pinofranqueado (927674133 or 927674101)
  • Civil Guard Station in Caminomorisco (927435014)
  • Centre of Documentation (927674133)
  • Tourist Office in Caminomorisco (927435329)
  • Centre of rural development, Caminomorisco (927435301)


Traditional architecture in the communities of Riomalo de Abajo and Arrolobos. Panoramic views, point from where the hatpin-turn of Riomalo de Abajo can be observed. Excellent native vegetation (pines, holly trees, eucalyptus) and perception of animals (wild boar, deer, a variety of birds, amphibians, fish)


An old trade path, used in both directions to buy and sell typical products of the area, such as honey, fruit, olives, and sweets. The most important exchange surely was that of olive oil for flour. It was also a path for smugglers between Castilla and Extremadura.

Eat and sleep

  • Hostal-Restaurant "Mesón el Abuelo", Caminomorisco (927435114)
  • Restaurant "El Rincón Hurdano", Caminomorisco (927435155)
  • Rural hostal "Cristania", Caminomorisco (927435338)
  • Hostal-Restaurant "El Labrador", Riomalo de Abajo, Caminomorisco (927434050)
  • Hostal-Restaurant "Riomalo", Riomalo de Abajo, Caminomorisco
  • Camping "Riomalo S.L.", Riomalo de Abajo, Caminomorisco (927434020)

Practical Advices

Water, food, appropriate shoes, cap, camera, binoculars, care and respect for the environment.


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