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La Majá Robledo


We leave Casares de Hurdes in direction to Carabusino. Before we arrive there, we take a foresters track, which leaves to the left. On that we continue our way, which is to be interrupted obligatory two times, once to be able to appreciate the marvellous birds view on two villages and for the second time in order to see the gardens of " La Huerte" and the top of La Pregonera. Through nice cultivations we make our way ahead, with an excellent view on the marvellous landscape with the lots of curves through which the river Hurdano winds before reaching the dam at Maja Robledo.

Length: 8 Kms

Modality: By car

Estimated duration: 45 min

Recommended Season: All

Difficulty: Low

State: Passable (Signalised)

Type of tracks: Foresters track

Start and finish: Casare de Hurdes - La Maja Robledo


Hotels, restaurants, rural houses, Health Centres, civil guard station, Centre of documentation, tourist office, centre of rural development and filling stations.

Important telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Nuñomoral (927433016)
  • Civil Guard Station in Nuñomoral (927433004)
  • Centre of Documentation (927674133)
  • Tourist Office in Caminomorisco (927435329)
  • Centre of rural development, Caminomorisco (927435301)


Impressing vegetation and catch Eye Mountains. Birds view on the villages of Casarubia and La Huerte. Traditional architecture in the entire zone, artesian works in wicker, castanets.


The royal majesties Juan Carlos and Sofia inaugurated the dam at Maja Robledo during their stay in Las Hurdes on April 15th, 1998. The name Las Hurdes is derived from the fact that shepherds used to bring their goats here.

Eat and sleep

  • Hostal-Restaurant "Montesol", Casares de Hurdes (927676193)
  • Pension Restaurant "Marisol", La Huerte, Casares de Hurdes

Practical Advices

Water, food, appropriate shoes, cap, camera, binoculars, care and respect for the environment.


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