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Senda de los colmeneros


On the hill situated between the road connecting the localities "Riomalo de Abajo" and "Vegas de Soria" and denominated with the name "Portilla de Pino" begins a path (on the right side if the reference is the direction "Riomalo de Abajo" to "Vegas de Coria". The trajectory goes parallel to the river "Ladrillar" all along the hill "Portilla de Pino" and continues then on an asphalted road of local level leaving us at the hill "Alto de las Carrascas", from where it is possible to contemplate the marvellous view of the valleys of "Ladrillar" and "Casares de Hurdes". From that point take a path on the left site of the road arriving without problems to the surroundings of the community "Nuñomoral". During this last part of the trajectory enjoy of the spectacular views of the municipality of "Casares de Hurdes".

Length: 27 Kms

Modality: By car and bicycle

Estimated duration: By car: 1 hour 30 Minutes By bicycle: 2 hours 30 Minutes

Recommended Season: All

Difficulty: Low

State: Passable (Signalised)

Type of tracks: Foresters track and road

Start and finish: Portilla de Pino - Nuñomoral


Hotels, restaurants, rural houses, Health Centres, civil guard station, Centre of documentation, tourist office, centre of rural development and filling stations.

Important telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Nuñomoral (927433016)
  • Civil Guard Station in Nuñomoral (927433004)
  • Centre of Documentation (927674133)
  • Tourist Office in Caminomorisco (927435329)
  • Centre of rural development, Caminomorisco (927435301)


It is possible to appreciate numerous beehives all along the trajectory. This is one of the most popular activities in the region and one of the most important one in terms of economy. From those beehives come the well-known products honey, pollen, wax and jelly, which are the speciality of this region. There are also some artesian works in the region, for example in "Nuñomoral". Some artesian works made in tinplate (By Diego la Torre) and in wood (By Primitivo Expósito).


These paths, nowadays mainly used for walking, used to be in the past the paths for the transport of different products such as beehives and corks.

Eat and sleep

  • Hotel Restaurant "Simón", Vegas de Coria, Nuñomoral (927434093)
  • Hotel Restaurant "Avenida", Vegas de Coria, Nuñomoral (927434098)
  • Hostal Restaurant "Los Ángeles", Vegas de Coria, Nuñomoral (927434005)
  • Hostal Restaurant "El Hurdano", Nuñomoral (927433012)

Practical Advices

Water, food, appropriate shoes, cap, camera, binoculars, care and respect for the environment.


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