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Los Lagares


The route can be started from two different points:

  • We take the path from the museum building towards the press of the Senorita Rosario, where we take our way to the left and find a crossing after some 200m. We take the path to our right; get to the press of Tio Gabriel and, 200m further, to that of Romblazquez. A little further we cross a bridge and after some 350m find the press Fuente Espino. We continue straight on and reach a crossing, where we take to the right. We get to Hundido press, which we leave to our right. Soon we will meet the path on which our walk had started.
  • We start at the spring Madre del agua and at the first crossing turn to the right, where we find the press Fuente Espino. From here we continue on a path, which will lead us to all the other presses, and finally to the point from where we had started.

Length: 1,5 Kms

Modality: On foot

Estimated duration: 30 min

Recommended Season: All

Difficulty: None

State: Passable

Type of tracks: Path

Start and finish: Casa Museo, Fuente Madre del Agua


Hotels, restaurants, rural houses, Health Centres, civil guard station, Centre of documentation, tourist office, centre of rural development and filling stations.

Important telephone numbers

  • Health Centre in Pinofranqueado (927674133 or 927674101)
  • Civil Guard Station in Caminomorisco (927436116)
  • Centre of Documentation (927674133)
  • Tourist Office in Caminomorisco (927435329)
  • Centre of rural development, Caminomorisco (927435301)


Observe ancient presses, museum where ancient machines and techniques for the production of oil from olives are shown.


Until 1964, the old press Señorita Rosario used to work following traditional ways, with the exception of the last year, in which it used to work with electricity. In these ancient presses oil was extracted in a traditional way. It was for private use, and the miller's service was paid for by part of the oil. Today these presses are private property except for the above quoted, in which a documentation centre is to be installed.

Eat and sleep

  • Hostal-Restaurant "Marian", Casar de Palomero (927436310)

Practical Advices

Water, food, appropriate shoes, cap, camera, binoculars, care and respect for the environment.


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